Tervise Paradiis

spa hotel and water park

Tervise Paradiis is a four-star hotel with the biggest water park in Estonia, a cosy spa and a trendy beauty centre, located in Pärnu in the immediate vicinity of a sandy beach. Delicious meals, amazing cocktails and beautiful views are waiting for you in different restaurants and bars. All guests are welcome to use a six-lane bowling hall, a perfectly equipped gym, a private and cosy snooker room, an aerobics hall, and a 25-metre swimming pool.

Side 14, Pärnu / sales@spa.ee Hotel +372 445 1600 / Sales department +372 447 9219 / Water park +372 445 1666
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Medical Spa Hotel

SPA Tervis that has provided professional spa treatment over 50 years is the biggest SPA in Estonia. In addition to a renovated hotel for 494 guests that meets every requirement, there are also a therapy complex, restaurant and bars, a sports centre, a conference centre and shop at your service.

Seedri 6, Pärnu / sales@spatervis.ee Hotel +372 445 0111 / Sales department +372 447 9200
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Tervise Paradiis

Hotel on the beach

Comfortable hotel rooms are there to let you enjoy the best relaxing vacation imaginable. The balconies of most rooms feature a beautiful view to Pärnu Bay. Read more
Tervis Medical Spa Hotel

Fun spa experience

Have a fun spa experience, choosing your accommodation in Tervis Spa Hotel and enjoying the water park at Tervise Paradiis! Read more
Tervis Medical Spa Hotel

Health from a SPA

Good health is the cornerstone of complete happiness. Therefore, it is important to pay constant attention to your health and notice whenever it needs a little bit of fostering. Read more
Tervise Paradiis

Massage package

Massage will provide you with that energy boost what you need. Add also good food and a comfortable hotel room and days will be brighter. Read more

Tervis Spa Group

Tervis Spaa Group owns two spas
● Tervis Medical Spa Hotel
● Tervise Paradiis Spa Hotel and Water park.

Our mission is to guide people to value their health.

Our vision is to be a known and acknowledged carrier and developer of spa traditions in the Baltic Sea region as well as a preferable destination to spend a healthy holiday in Estonia.

We are a member of the Estonian Spa Association which unites 14 treatment spa centres and spa hotels all over Estonia. The goal of the Estonian Spa Association is preservation and development of resort medical treatment as in Estonia, so abroad. Read more →